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We care for safety and we cherish life, therefore we have embraced the charge of forming means to enhance the Emergency Response systems and safeguard humankind.

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We envision a world where our product, using an advanced combination of technologies, is able to enhance the standard of safety of humankind.


Our mission is to successfully engineer highly efficient products that work 24/7 to enhance the well-being of others.

Who We Are

Intelense uses advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cloud, and Computer Vision to solve every day problems faced by the government, the public, and private corporations.

The advanced technologies that serve as the three pillars of our product are AI, IoT and Smart Cloud. The combination of these technologies has the potential to address crucial issues faced by both the public and first responders on a daily basis. Our product has the ability to change the lives of millions worldwide, creating a positive change on a global scale. Intelense is supported by a group of well established partnerships as well as a hard working team, all of whom stand behind the product and its ability to positively impact the lives of others.

Our Technological Specialization

The utilities we proficiently deliver are conceptualized on the accredited merger of compelling technologies. We have conceived the desire to make this world a guarded sphere by implanting brainy devices that can see, think, and save.

Artificial intelligence

The impact of artificial intelligence across the globe is disruptive, with technologically advanced tools enabling smart decision-making, diagnosis, and treatment. AI use-cases can be acclaimed as an evolutionary trend in preventing instances of distress at any public assemblage. AI accomplishes the responsibility to comprehend the gained data and initiate the alerts to signal the emergency responders relating to the abnormality occurred. It fuels the speedy discovery of the incidents

Computer Vision

The agenda of Computer Vision is to make sure that the devices are liberated from being dependent on humans to interact internally. The surveillance camera ecosystem that we rely upon is composed of smart devices that possess the ability to amass data from its surrounding environment and act accordingly. It will acquire the information frames and refine that in a form that can enlighten the rescuers to operate swiftly. Through computer vision, the efficiency of the Emergency Response system is predominantly magnified.

Smart Cloud

Our product has incorporated the Computer vision as part of AI that is seeping into Smart Cloud applications using IBM Watson’s API. Intelense smart cloud domain is not just confined to modern outtake on cloud engine but also focuses on the cloud platform capability for Machine Learning and Blockchain technology. We build and deploy products that improve the management of complex situations within the massive, mission-critical Internet of Things (IoT) systems. By the virtue of SmartCloud, our product is empowered to function with a massive information domain. This directs diminished prospects of inaccuracy in product performance.
Our products use Computer vision as the part of AI that is seeping into Smart Cloud applications using IBM Watson’s API.

What We Do

We build systems to save lives and make the existing systems smarter.

Ask how

At Intelense, we constitute products to safeguard the human community. To put our product in motion, the surveillance cameras have an indispensable function and the dominant modernistic technologies administer thereafter.

Here are our product’s initiatives

Rapid emergency detection

Providing help too late is an attempt in vain. Our product, KEN identifies the occurrence of an abnormality by processing it through its humongous knowledgebase and generates results. Thus, it accelerates the course of acknowledging an instance of distress and in that way, help is never too far.

Assist first responders

They protect our loved ones, they are the saviours. The solution, aid the rescuers to closely predict the nature and severity of the accident and thus brace them for the situation at hand. Being aware of the incident priorly benefits the rescuers to apprehend the expected state of danger. They can arrange and line up emergency assistance in accordance with the criticality of the casualty. This can determine a reduction in the time consumed for serving emergency care. When the matter is about saving lives, the quicker the response the better.

Mitigate human error

Humans are prone to errors. To decline the occurrences of a glitch, KEN is competent to examine enormous information and yield faultless conclusions. Moreover, it is designed to self-train itself by appending informative resources to its expert data system. As errors cannot be tolerated when lives are at risk.


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It can be referred as a creative association where emerging and potential organizations are promoted to attain their goals.


We are backed by IBM tech acceleration; it enables us to grow at an amplified rate.


It being a global information technology company, this association has strengthened us.


They have obliged us with the pair up and their valuable knowledgebase is an asset to us.

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